There She Goes

When we moved into our house Madie was just our little peanut busy growing. We didn't know if we were having a boy or girl yet, but one thing we did know is that the baby I was carrying would NEVER end up going to the school just down the street from us. As wonderful of a school as it was, and regardless of how much fun those little kiddos were having at recess each day, that day was just SO far off for our little tiny baby, and it surely would never actually happen. Soon we found out that little baby would be a precious little girl that would change our world, but that school just down the street still seemed like forever off into the future. As our family grew to welcome Cash, and our little girl grew to become a little lady, we started to realize the kids walking to school weren't that much older than Madie. Then it started to sink in: those kids are Madie's age, and our little girls actually is going to that school one day, and that day was quickly approaching.

Well, today the day came. And she went. Off to Daybreak Elementary to be a Daybreak Dolphin. Not a tear shed, not an ounce of nervousness. Miss Madison walked off with her class giddy and happy to finally be a kindergartner. She was so excited- Paige was in Mrs. Collins' class with her, and for the entire week leading up to today they would count down the days till school, and then start yelling "YAY!" while jumping up and down together. Once she got to school today she found out Addy and Harry were also in her class, which was a fun surprise for her, but will be quite the adventure for Mrs. Collins.

The entire time we were dropping Madie off, I had to keep reminding myself "I still have 3 years till Cash goes to school," but I have a feeling those 3 years will be going by quite quickly.

We picked out her outfit last night, and I left work early so I could walk her to school today with Cash and Daddy. I got home early enough to do her hair, which she wanted in "two braids," so I did my best I could at piggy french braids.

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