Scary Chick-Fil-A Cows, and Easter

For Easter this year we decided (ok, so I begged Cody) to go to the Easter Eggstravaganza at Thanksgiving Point. It was sponsored by Chick-Fil-A, and they had a cute little cow train that went around the park. Who can say "no" to a train ride with a cow? Well, that question was answered within seconds of the Chick-Fil-A mascot approaching us. Cash's "udder" fear of mascots is our benefit, as I still cannot look at this photo without busting out laughing. I could understand a face of such devastation if say someone were destroying his blanket (which is starting to resemble a piece of sandpaper sewed onto a polka-dot piece of fabric, since apparently you can wash out the softness of a baby blanket), but a 16 year old dressed up in a ratty cow costume should only get such a reaction if he WERE the 16 year old being told to go put on the cow costume. This mascot fear is something that is definitely going to need to be addressed before we plan a trip to Disney!
 After the cow adventure, and bumpy wagon ride that reminded me I'm much closer to 30 than 20 years old, we were ready for the hunt. Being Burns' these kiddos were ready to scout out the eggs, and spot and stalk them. But.... being a kinda crappy overpriced "eggstravaganza" their version of an egg hunt was having a group of teenagers throwing out boxes of plastic eggs stuff with useless junk like weird stickers and lame candy that could get a housed egged if you handed it out for Halloween. Lucky for us, we made a haul at the Easter egg hunt (blogger really needs to get on the development of a sarcasm font).
 Fortunately, we spent Easter Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Burns' house, and the kiddos had the chance to use their hunting skills in the egg hunt. Cash left his binoculars home, but luckily Grandma had backup hunting equipment like his magnifying glass that he actually found an egg using it that even all the grown ups had missed.

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