Red and White Game

This year we decided to go to the Utes Spring game, the Red and White game. It was a good excuse to get out our "go Utes" clothes, and spend some time out in the lovely weather. After getting to stand in the Snowie line twice, and then going back out into the breezeway to clean up from the Snowie disaster, I got to catch a few minutes of the game, and get my first farmers tan of the year. Yay! Madie is definately growing up as a little Ute, practicing her "Go Utes U" with her hands all the time.
 When we left the house that morning Cash insisted on bringing his Utah football, and I insisted that he leave it in the car if he was going to bring it. Lucky for him, parking was a lot worse than Cody and I expected, and I threw Cody and the kids out of the car while I went and parked in one of my "secret" handicap parking spots I knew about (when I still had my handicap parking pass from my pulmonary embolism- one of the "perks") and Cash made it out of the car with his football and I pulled away before we realized he had it. Good thing that boy is sneeky, though, because after the game we were able to go out on the field and toss around the football.
 We're practicing our "GO UTES" cheers, throwing around our Utes football, and we are ready for some Utah football to start soon!

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